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Fob Uranus Plus EM4200 Optional number

Välj färg på taggen
Product Description:

Uranus PLUS EM4200 is a tough tag in a 3.9 mm thick hard ABS material with a nice surface that is well suited for both engraving and color logo.

Note that the images only show the fictitious appearance of numbers.

A maximum of 6 fields with numbers can be selected.

You write the system first, eg RCO, ASSA, Bewator, Axema VAKA etc. and then the Prefix which is which letter you want before the numbers.

As an example, ASSA with Prefix S

Serial numbers x through y (Ex, 1000 - 1499)

If you order single numbers and want different ones, write the number and any number of each number. (Ex, 100 st 1: or, 100 st 2: or)

Please note that you always get a proof back for approval when you order a tag with optional numbers before we start production, all to ensure that you have received the correct tag.

Open up the pdf document marked "How do I order tags from Stonehouse" and you can easily see how to fill in the fields below.

Stonehouse Uranus PLUS is a cheap and good product with original chip for all applications.

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