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Uranus HD+ DESFire Optional number


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Product Description:

Uranus HD + DESFire is basically the same tag as HD, but here we have provided the tag with several layers of lacquer that give the tag a luxurious look while protecting and emphasizing the logo and number.

HD + is made of a very hard material, an extra reinforced fiberglass / epoxy material which, through its manufacturing process, is completely waterproof and lacquered.

Note that the images only show the fictitious appearance of numbers.

A maximum of 6 fields with numbers can be selected.

Select if you want the UID code for Mifare engraved (normally 17 digits) Answer YES / No.

Serial number x through y (Ex, 1000 - 1499)

If you order single numbers and want different ones, write the number and any number of each number. (Ex, 100 st 1: or, 100 st 2: or)

Please note that you always get a proof back for approval when you order a tag with optional numbers before we start production, all to ensure that you have received the correct tag.

Open up the pdf document marked "How do I order tags from Stonehouse" and you can easily see how to fill in the fields below.

Stonehouse Uranus HD + is a cheap and good product with original chip for all applications.

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