NEO Communicator ETH/CELL TL2803G


Integrerad larmsändare TL2803G för IP-kommunikation via både 3G och fast nätverksanslutning till Neo larmsystem.


Fully redundant Internet and Cellular dual-path alarm communication

·  Integrated call routing

·  Panel remote uploading/downloading support via Cellular and Internet

·  Supervision heartbeats via Cellular and Internet

·  128-bit AES encryption via Cellular and Internet

·  Full event reporting

·  SIA and Contact ID protocol

·  Remote activating and programming through C24 Communications (North America Only)

·  Active Cellular account is required to use IP function

·  Signal strength and trouble display

·  Visual verification over Cellular or Internet

·  Communicator can be housed in separate cabinet using PCL-422 Communicator Remote Mounting Module

·  Command and Control via SMS

·  R model includes RS232 serial integration option

·  E model provides expanded user support and up to 4 ethernet integrations with PowerSeries Neo panels V1.2 and higher

·  Refer to for complete integration options

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