Matica XID 8100 Retransfer Printer (Single-Sided)


The Matica XID 8100 retransfer printer is an entry-level printer that is applicable for day-to-day use which makes it suitable for all kinds of card printing, it can also print on several different cards such as PVC, ABS, hybrid card constructions and even polycarbonate.

  • Reliable
  • Prints up to 100 cards per hour
  • 2 Year printer warranty cover

Compatible Ribbons:

  • Matica DIC10509 YMCK Ribbon (1000 Prints)
  • Matica DIC10539 Clear Retransfer Film (1000 Prints)
  • Matica PR000809 YMCK Ribbon (1000 Prints)
  • Matica PR000839 Retransfer Film (1000 Prints)

Product weight: 8.00 kg


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