Matica XID 8300 Retransfer Printer (dual-Sided)


The Matica XID 8300 is a retransfer ID card printer that boasts an array of security options available to add on. It has an incredibly fast print speed of being able to print 120 cards per hour. It also boasts the ability to add on several security features to make card printing even more secure.

  • Prints up to 120 cards per hour
  • Single or dual-sided option
  • Over-the-edge retransfer printing

Compatible Ribbons:

  • Matica DIC10216 YMCK Colour Ribbon
  • Matica DIC10217 YMCK-K Colour Ribbon
  • Matica DIC10319 Retransfer Film
  • Matica PR000816 YMCK Colour Ribbon
  • Matica PR000817 YMCK-K Colour Ribbon
  • Matica PR000819 Retransfer Film

Product weight: 19.00 kg


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